Junior Thespian Officer Application



Below is a list of the Providence Thespian Officer positions available. Please see the list of responsibilities for each position and complete the form below. Applications are due Tuesday, May 21 at 7pm. This application is only for rising 8th graders.

President - presides over activities, helps director run meetings, attends all meetings, delegates projects, forms committees, helps organize productions, leads thespian inductions, and club events.

Vice President - performs the duties of President when the President is absent or unable, organizes advertising campaigns for each show and events, assists in school-wide and community advertising plans. Helps establish opportunities for Thespian troupe.

Secretary - records agenda and ideas in a binder at each meeting, take attendance, helps make copies, flyers, sends invitations, sends thank you notes and/or encouragement notes and is responsible for e-mail correspondence when required.

Historian - is responsible for completing an album for their term in office complete with pictures from each production and any documentation of the current year of theatre events.

Clerk/Member Liaison - helps promote Junior Thespian Membership, work to create several troupe events/outings, actively involved in all main stage productions/events.

Student Representative - is responsible for promoting and enlisting new members to the Junior Thespian Troupe and heads the committee of student class representatives with the Clerk/Member Liaison. There may be one per grade 6-8th.


1.) All officers must, on a consistent basis, act accordingly in leadership positions at all times. They will show a Christ-like attitude at all times and be encouragers to their fellow students at PCA and in the troupe. They will set the example of doing all things for the Glory of God by using the talents He has given each of them to help show His love for others.

2.) Officers should attend any and all meetings.

3.) The officers will assist in the set up and maintenance of the drama club meetings and callboard

4.) They are expected to be involved with any and all drama events in some way.

Junior Officer Application

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Below is a list of the Providence Thespian Officer positions available. Please check all positions that you are interested in being considered for. Applications are due Monday, May 6.