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Please review each committee, the responsibilities each committee will have, and the time commitment involved. Then, complete the form below to indicate which areas of the production you are interested in. Please check all areas of interest.


Sets - Set committee members will be asked to help build, paint, and design sets. Artists, especially painters, are also valuable to the set committee. Members will be asked to attend work days after school, on some weekends, and/or to work during lunches/breaks. Some of these work days will mandatory for set committee members while others are based on availability.

Costumes - The costume committee’s primary responsibilities are to keep all of the costumes organized, maintained, and to help with quick changes backstage. Costume committee members will assist with fittings, alterations, and putting pieces together. Sewing skills are not required but would be appreciated. Costume committee members must be at all rehearsals and shows during tech week.  They may be asked to work on costumes, as needed, during lunches or after school based on availability.

Props - The prop committee’s responsibilities include making sure that all props are accounted for, are organized on the prop table, and that damaged or lost props are reported. This will occur during and after tech rehearsals and performances. Members must be at all rehearsals and shows during tech week.

Stage Crew - The stage crew is responsible for ensuring that all set pieces are accounted for and in good working order. Any damaged or missing items need to be reported. During performances, the stage crew runs all set changes and meets any needs that happen backstage. They are required to be at all rehearsals and shows during tech week and possibly earlier depending on the show.

Tech Crew - The tech crew is in charge of helping run the lights and sound during performances. Prior audio/visual knowledge is requested but not required. Tech crew members will always be trained by the director for the specific show. They are required to be at all rehearsals and shows during tech week.

Makeup/Hair - The makeup committee helps actors with their makeup before and during shows, especially heavily stylized character makeup. Makeup artists will often be asked to help male actors with their eye makeup and should know the basic differences between street and stage makeup. Committee members must be at all rehearsals and shows during tech week. Some extra time may be needed to experiment with a certain look.

Publicity - The publicity committee’s primary responsibility is to help promote the show. They will help design and/or distribute posters and promotional materials in person and/or electronically. In some instances, publicity members may be asked to help write promotional content for distribution.  These responsibilities start 4-6 weeks prior to the show and can continue through the run of the production.

House - The house committee’s job is to help run concessions sales, ticket scanning, ushering, and program distribution during performances. Committee members will be asked to help coordinate each performance’s volunteer needs and ensure that all roles are covered for each performance. Members are expected to serve at least one performance and must help coordinate volunteers for all performances.

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